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School Tests

6th-12th Grade Post Assessment

3. What grade are you in?

4. What is your gender?

5. If my boyfriend/girlfriend calls me names and uses physical violence to control me, I am in a healthy relationship.

6. My digital reputation can be repaired by deleting things I have previously posted that I no longer want people to see. (i.e. Sexting)

7. Sexual abuse can happen by an older youth as well as an adult.

8. I should tell a safe adult that I trust if someone tells me to keep an inappropriate or unsafe secret from my parents.

9. Sex trafficking only happens to young women and girls.

10. It is my fault (I am to blame) if someone hurts me, tricks me, or forces me to do something I do not want to do.

11. Sexual activity is intentional looking, talking about, or touching another person’s private body parts.

12. If a stranger offers me a job to make quick money, I should tell them yes and meet them in private.

13. Some Red Flags for grooming or manipulation are: someone buying me gifts for no reason, offering me a place to stay, trying to be alone with me, telling me they love me.

14. Abusive relationships often begin online.